Divergent: Major Character Not Coming Back for Final Film

Say it isn’t so!?!?!? With so much controversy surrounding the fourth and final instalment of the series, fans may be left feeling a little disappointed by the latest news.


News has been somewhat dubious about what is actually going to happen with this instalment with rumours swirling about there being no cinema release, straight to television movie or even being turned into a spin-off series with all new characters.

Popular belief is that the fourth film will be made into a move for television with the same actors hoping to return and it then paving the way for a spin-off series, in the same way Shadowhunters was born from The Mortal Instruments film.

The second issue, that has left us unspeakably saddened, is that one of the major characters has not yet been invited back for the final movie.

Miles Teller has revealed to E! News that no one has contacted him at all for the next movie.¬† “I have not talked to anyone… We haven’t filmed one in like a year and a half. My phone’s not ringing for it.”

We can only hope that the producers will see the error of their ways and remedy this situation before they have members of every faction storming Lionsgate.


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